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Kennewell Pumps Progressive Cavity Pump

A number of different types of Progressive Cavity Pumps are available, giving the following options:

  • Suitable for high viscosity/particle laden fluids

  • Gentle pumping action

  • Long or Close Coupled

  • High Suction Lift

  • Wide range of materials, from Polymers to 304 / 316 Stainless Steel

  • Robust Designs – DIN / ISO Standards

  • Vertical Barrel pump design

  • Mechanical Seal Options

  • Single or Three Phase Power Supply

  • Range of Fluids can be pumped -High Viscosity, Low Viscosity, Corrosive and Solvents

  • IEXEc Explosion proof models are available

Pumps Tip: If you're uncertain about the best pump for your needs, consulting with an expert can be invaluable. They can provide insights based on your specific requirements and help you make an informed decision.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

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Kennewell Pumps Suppliers Logo
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