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Magnetic Drive Pump Kennewell Pumps

A number of different types of Magnetic Drive Pumps are available, giving the following options:

  • Sealless – Total Product Containment

  • Self Priming Versions Available

  • Suitable for high temperatures

  • Safe in Hazardous Areas / IECEx Explosion Proof Available

  • Dry Running Capability

  • Food Quality available – Polished Stainless Steel

  • Metallic & Non Metallic Options

  • No Mechanical Seals to Leak or Replace

  • Jacketed Versions Available

Pumps Tip: The physical size of the pump should fit within your available space. It's important to measure the area where the pump will be installed to ensure a proper fit, avoiding any structural modifications.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

All Major manufacturers Supplied and Serviced

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