Test Facilities

Our Testing Facilities

Unlike most other companies , what sets Kennewell pumps above the rest is that we test every single pump once it has been repaired, we do this to ensure that once it has been returned to the customer we can guarantee it will work first time , every time!

Why performance test pump?

By performance testing the pumps , we are able to compare your repaired pump against the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) results and make sure the pump runs at a minimum 90% of the OEM curve.

Our testing regime

We have a state of the art testing facility that allows us to test any pump ,

  • 50KW inverter
  • Suction diameters from 1/8" up to 6"
  • Vibration tester
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Discharge diameters up to 6"
  • Flow Meter
  • Slave motors up to 50KW
  • Above ground tank
  • Pressure testing equipment


With every test undertaken at Kennewell Pumps we,

  • Record the flow of the pump at different pressures
  • Record the Amps taken by the pump
  • Plot a graph and compare the pump against the manufacturers curve