How do we work?

Bellow is an example of the process of Kennewell Pumps that is followed every time a pump comes through Kennewell Pumps workshop.

Arrival of the pump

The pump is either brought in by the customer or we at Kennewell Pumps can come out and collect the unit from site.

Booking In

Once the unit is at Kennewell Pumps , it is received in by one of our staff, the staff member books in the pump(s) which then gives the pump a unique Job number , the job number is then trackable right throughout the workshop and at every stage of the process , our job system is constantly updated with the location and stage the pump is up to.


The pump is stripped down in our workshop and if needed cleaned up to a presentable manor.


Motor Testing

Once the pump has been stripped down , the motor is then lightly tested to check the condition of the motor and to check the bearings , this allows us to know if the bearings need changing and if the motor is running correctly.



Once the pump has been stripped , a qualified member of our team inspects the pump and all parts of the pump and determines what needs to be replaced , repaired or what can be refurbished and reused on the pump.



Once the inspection has been carried out , a quotation will be created for the pump and the owner will be contacted regarding the quotation.


Go Ahead

Once we have received the go ahead from the customer , new parts will be ordered and any parts that can be refurbished will be started on.



Once all the parts are in our workshop , one of our qualified service technicians will then reassemble the pump back to its original state.


Performance Test

Once the pump has been re assembled , we will then set the pump up on our test which allows us to run the pump in its optimal condition , this allows us to test the pump, again checking the motor is running optimally as well as checking that the pump is running at manufacturers standards.


All pumps tested have a curve plotted against the manufacturers curve , this allows us to check that it is running within the manufacturers specifications.


The test is conducted by the manager so he is confident on every single pump leaving the workshop that it will run first time everytime.



Once the pump has passed test , it is removed from test , all labels are covered up and the pump is then galvanized and spray painted.



Once the pump has been tested and sprayed , we then put on our job number and Kennewell Sticker , this is if in the future it comes back in for repairs we can look up the number and find everything that has ever been done to this pump previously in our workshop , once this is done the owner of the pump is then contacted to be informed the pump is ready for collection.



If the pump was collected from site , the pump is then returned to the site it was collected from and if needed is then re-installed on site.